Nate Young (b. 1977, Mansfield, MO) is a Detroit-based musician working in experimental electronic sound for over twenty years. In 1998, Young founded legendary noise group Wolf Eyes. Solo and as Wolf Eyes, Young has toured the world, released countless records, collaborated with Anthony Braxton and Marshall Allen, and inspired a generation of electronic musicians. Recent accomplishments include performing his compositions with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and creating Trip Metal Fest, an annual free experimental music festival in Detroit entering its fourth year of programming that has brought luminaries such as Morton Subotnick and the Art Ensemble of Chicago to Detroit. In 2016, Young co-created (with John Olson) the record label Lower Floor Music, an imprint of Warp Records.

In the Regression series–Regression (2009), Stay Asleep (2011), Other Days (2012), Blinding Confusion (2013)–Young drew a compositional aesthetic from Italian library music and musique concrète. Since then, Young has been interpreting the traditional musical methods of rhythm and melody into complex synthesizer compositions. These songs were commonly made as a distraction from grief, seasonal depression, and isolation. Sometimes severely ridiculous and unrelenting other times slow, sparse and strange, this material didn’t fit in with the Regression series. It was archived and unreleased until now. Nate Young Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity will be released February, 2019 on Lower Floor Music.

"If you've been lucky enough to catch his live set this last year, you'll no doubt already know [Young] is one of the most captivating and individual characters on the electronic scene today, so needless to say our expectations were pretty high for this latest addition to the Regression series... In all, it almost sounds like a new chapter from Young, making use of a much cleaner pallette, yet somehow still inducing those chills he's become so good at triggering. Highly recommended." -

"Absolutely mind-blowing!! Between Worlds - the new "Regression" chapter from Nate Young, gives room to synthesizers and organ in the moulding of an eerie and unprecedented "ambient" soundscape somewhat distant from the brute assault of his past works, though the suspence and creepy atmosphere of his "Regression(s)" remains the same. This is the ultimate proof that Nate Young actually found his Sound: imagine something between European deviated concrete music tradition of the seventies, like Michel Chion in "Requiem", and the most disturbing and weird Italian library recordings. Cover artwork by Nate Young himself." -

"Fry up this cold cut from Bologna, Italy's Black Moss label. Wolf Eyes brooder, Nate Young, brings us his fifth Regression with Between Worlds. The twist, this time, is that instead of simply constructing dark, creepy synth music, Young overtly channels a dark, creepy synth music tradition. Basically "Blind Corner" has enough of a Fulci/Goblin vibe to merit logical release on an Italian label. Inquire within if you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to your shag-carpetted orgy/bloodbath this weekend. Regression: Between Worlds is out now on Black Moss." -

"...this might be the heaviest/sickest volume of the series to date, crossing minimal analogue synth violence with thunder cracks of metal percussion ala the early Akita/Null Merzbow duets, classic 70s sci-fi/horror atmospherics, massively doomy beat hypnotics and an atmosphere that's somewhere between the most apocalyptic Throbbing Gristle recordings, Coil's Musick To Play In The Dark, The Conet Project and your favourite Kraut kosmonaut. Something more 'hands on' about this particular volume that gives it the feel of a kind of post-synth electro- acoustic ritual, albeit tied-in with a visionary compositional aesthetic that is a couple of miles beyond your average weird-beard in a basement non-vibe. Highly recommended."
David Keenan - Volcanic Tongue